I am learning UX Design of Google at Coursera

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I am learning UX Design of Google at Coursera. I love the writing post:

"Every new product, whether it’s an app or a physical object, follows a specific set of steps that take it from the first spark of an idea to the release of the final product. This is called the product development life cycle, and it has five stages: brainstorm, define, design, test, and launch. Depending on where you work, the exact names of each stage might be a little different, but the overall process is generally the same.".


1. Brainstorm: - It’s important to pay attention to the diversity of your team at this stage like race, gender, abilities, family structure, age...- Completing research into both your competitors and your users helps determine what problems need to be addressed by the product’s design.

2. Define:

- Who is the product for? What will the product do? And, what features need to be included for the product to be successful?

- One product can’t solve every user's problem.

3. Design:

- You might also check to ensure each design part fits together intuitively.

- UX designers might check that the screens of an app flow in a way that makes sense to the user.

4. Test:

- At this stage, the designs go through at least three phases of testing: internal tests within your company, reviews with stakeholders, and external tests with potential users

- It’s important to call out that the product development life cycle isn’t a completely linear process. Your team might cycle between designing and testing a few times before you're ready to launch the product!

5. Lunch:

- What worked and what could be improved? Were goals achieved? Were timelines met? Making time for this reflection is super important since it can help improve the process going forward.

- For a physical product, the launch stage might be the end of the product development life cycle. But for a digital product, like an app or website, launching the product to a wider audience provides another opportunity to improve the user experience.

It's a summary of the product development life cycle.

From course UX Design Google at Coursera.

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